Welcome to Meadows & Districts Kindergarten


Meadows and Districts Kindergarten is a wonderful environment for children to develop through exploring, wondering, playing, persisting, predicting, negotiating and practicing, both on their own and with their teachers and peers.

We have a huge outdoor learning environment with a large lawn area, established trees and garden beds, natural looking sandpit, stage, vegetable gardens, musical instrument garden, boat, fairy garden, playground, swings, a cubby house and plenty of resources including recycled building materials.

The indoor play space offers engaging learning spaces where children can access resources independently to build on their self directed learning and enhance social interactions and literacy/ numeracy outcomes. Our program is driven by the Early Years Learning Framework and encompasses the DECD Literacy/Numeracy indicators. All children’s learning is planned for on an individual basis, determined by their disposition, information from family, interests, skills, needs and learning style.

The kindergarten is a five-minute walk from Meadows Primary School and visits to and from the Reception class occur twice at term.

In November 2015 our service was rated as Exceeding National Quality standards by the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board.

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Our Core Purpose

The core purpose of Meadows & Districts Kindergarten is to provide quality education in partnership with families, with and for all children in our care, in a safe, equitable, respectful and supportive learning environment,kindy boat where learning is co-constructed through a play-based curriculum that is challenging, rewarding, relevant, inspiring and fun.

Our principles and practices, and the curriculum we develop in conjunction with children and families are based on the National ‘Early Years Learning Framework - Belonging, Being and Becoming’. Our assessment and reporting is based on the Learning Outcomes within this Framework.

Our Vision

Educators, families and children will work together to provide a dynamic and natural environment where all members of the kindergarten community feel valued, safe and happy. Children will be provided with opportunities to reach their full potential, develop a passion for learning and acquire life skills that will prepare them for an ever-changing world.

Our Values

Caring Commitment Fairness Honesty Respect

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